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Class PrecededBy

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Lookbehind matching of the given parse expression. ``PrecededBy`` does not advance the parsing position within the input string, it only verifies that the specified parse expression matches prior to the current position. ``PrecededBy`` always returns a null token list, but if a results name is defined on the given expression, it is returned.


If the lookbehind expression is a string, Literal, Keyword, or a Word or CharsNotIn with a specified exact or maximum length, then the retreat parameter is not required. Otherwise, retreat must be specified to give a maximum number of characters to look back from the current parse position for a lookbehind match.


   # VB-style variable names with type prefixes
   int_var = PrecededBy("#") + pyparsing_common.identifier
   str_var = PrecededBy("$") + pyparsing_common.identifier
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__init__(self, expr, retreat=None)
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parseImpl(self, instring, loc=0, doActions=True) source code

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__init__(self, expr, retreat=None)

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parseImpl(self, instring, loc=0, doActions=True)

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